The 7 Best Cuts Of Meat For The Slow Cooker

Some cuts dry out, while others become fork tender.

There’s a lot to love about the slow cooker ― the fact that it can make you dinner and dessert is one big reason. And then there’s the way it can fix you a cocktail on the side, too

But our favorite thing about the slow cooker is how well it can take a big, tough, inexpensive piece of meat and slowly cook it into something juicy and tender. The pieces of meat that work best in the slow cooker ― think pork shoulder or beef chuck ― are less expensive because they come from well-used muscles, meaning they’re naturally tougher. But the slow cooker takes the collagen, the protein that is responsible for making these meats tough, and melts it away over low, slow heat so that the cuts can become a fork-tender, melt-in-your mouth meal. These cuts are also generally fattier, which ensures that they won’t dry out throughout the long cooking period.

To make sure you’re using your slow cooker to the best of its abilities this season, make sure you cook with these cuts of meat. We’ve listed them for you below ― with recipes to get you started.

Pork Shoulder (Or Butt)
Half Baked Harvest
Chuck Roast
Gimme Some Oven
Get the Barbacoa recipe from Gimme Some Oven
Beef Brisket
The Magical Slow Cooker
Get the Slow Cooker Red Wine Beef Brisket recipe from The Magical Slow Cooker
Chicken Thighs
Damn Delicious
Chicken Drumsticks
Yellow Bliss Road
Get the Slow Cooker Asian Chicken Drumsticks recipe from Yellow Bliss Road
Lamb Shanks
Recipe Tin Eats
Short Ribs
Damn Delicious
Get the Slow Cooker Asian Short Ribs recipe from Damn Delicious

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