How To Make A Vanilla Latte In A Slow Cooker, Because Yes, You Can


Ordering a latte at a coffee shop usually means you get to enjoy just one latte, which is fine and all, but always disappears way too quickly. Whipping up a big batch in your slow cooker, however, guarantees as many lattes as your caffeinated body can handle. And not just any kind of latte, but this super simple vanilla latte recipe from food blogger Kitchen Treaty.

Kitchen Treaty

This slow cooker vanilla latte recipe also means there's enough to share with friends and family -- if you're feeling generous. It's easy to make as it calls for only three ingredients. Plus, it stays warm for hours. This is a great recipe to make if you're having people over for a leisurely breakfast, a lazy brunch or just an afternoon with friends.

Get the recipe for the slow cooker vanilla latte recipe right here and live your best wintertime life.

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