Slow Down To Feel Alive

Slow Down To Feel Alive
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How can we connect heart-to-heart if we are so hectic that there's no pause to cross the street from me to you? Fast pace locks us in the cubicle-like environment where everything is a heavy shade of grey. I don't have patience to listen, I don't have time to look, I don't have energy to speak. To hear relaxing raindrops, to see the playfulness of sunrays? How?

Break free of the busy prison. Not with force, apply a gentle touch of... slowness instead.

Yes, it takes more time to meet with a friend face-to-face over a leisure lunch. Yes, it takes more effort to dedicate a full evening to spend with your romantic partner. No rush, no demands, just to be together, enjoy each other. The rewards are well worth it and far reaching. Oh, the soothing pleasure of being present in a genuine conversation, in a sincere embrace. No tension, just heartfelt exchange, a communion of loving Souls. I look at you, and see you. You listen to me, and hear me. Compassion. I forgive you and you forgive me. We let go of the past to start afresh in the brilliant warmth of the high Summer's Sun.

Mhm, wait, I forgot something, I jumped ahead... Let's start again... Schedule some non-hurried time for yourself. Tend to your own garden first so that you are comfortable to invite people over and offer them wonderful blossoms of your Soul.

Do you have the patience and perseverance to be diligently clearing away the weeds in your Soul's garden day after day? Yeap, that's what it takes. It's a never-ending process. "After enlightenment, do the dishes. After ecstasy, do the laundry." I'm sure you've come across these sayings in one form or another. Disappointments can quickly overgrow our buds of joy if we are not paying attention, if we don't keep up with the work. Outside noise and inner chatter can easily drown the voice of Truth within us.

Growing from immature, egoistic "i" into a wise, mature "I" is a life-long pilgrimage, not a quick fix short run. Finding the unique essence of your Soul requires ongoing nourishment with soothing slowness to apply self-compassion and healthy curiosity.

Remember to tend the garden of your Soul with tender love each day.
Nourish the Spirit flowers with vibrant waters of life.
Allow your joys to merge with the Spirit's sparkling Light.

Sonnets to Orpheus I, 22
Rainer Maria Rilke

We are the achievers.
But this march of time,
consider it as nothing
among what endures.

All that hurries
will soon be done,
but that which lingers
is what consecrates us.

O, youth, don't waste
your courage on speed,
or squander it in flight.

Everything is at rest:
darkness and bright,
blossom and book.

Translated by Mark S. Burrows, 2009


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
How will you slow down this week to hear your own true voice within?

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