Slow Jam The News: Fallon And Brian Williams Make Occupy Wall Street Sexy (VIDEO)

WATCH: Slow Jam The News, Occupy Wall Street Edition

We're not sure what to expect from Brian Williams' new prime time show "Rock Center," but we do know that it's given him an excuse to do what he does best. No, not read the news. Slow jam the news, on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." This time, they get hot and heavy explaining Occupy Wall Street, and girl, you never knew that a grass roots protest movement could be this sexy.

Williams and Fallon join The Roots once again in one of the show's most popular segments, where Williams will give dry readings of the nightly news, with passionate interjections by Fallon. This time, as Williams recounts how Occupy Wall Street grew from a small movement to a worldwide protest against economic inequality, Fallon and his house band bring some smooth grooves to wealth distribution, and explain the dangers of being too promiscuous with social media.

Mmm, populist uprisings.

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