Slow-Mo Video Masters Pump Bullets Into A WWI Airplane Propeller

All in the name of education.

The Slow Mo Guys’ explosive new video demonstrates just how World War I flying aces avoided shooting off their own propellers during battle.

The synchronization technology that allowed fighter pilots to fire their machine guns through their aircraft’s props without striking them is well documented.

But in this latest slow-motion clip from Brits Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, viewers can see exactly how it works.

The duo ― known for filming random stunts in glorious slow motion ― recreated the front of a single-prop airplane for their new video.

With the sync tech switched on, the machine gun’s bullets incredibly avoided hitting the prop and whizzed just millimeters away. Once the tech was switched off, however, it was an entirely different ball game.

Check out the whole video in the clip above.