Slow-Mo Video Masters Obliterate Pyrex In Their Slowest Clip Yet

Obviously, don't try this at home.

The Slow Mo Guys like to take things slow.

And for their latest video, Britons Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy have decelerated things even further by filming a Pyrex jug being obliterated at an astonishing 343,915 frames per second.

That’s a startling 13,756 times slower than the human eye can see, according to the pair.

Viral video shows the duo heating up the jug with a blow-torch and dropping ice-cold water inside. The sudden change in temperature causes the Pyrex container to explode.

“Don’t try this at home,” they repeatedly advise viewers as they first film the kitchenware being destroyed at 28,546 frames per second, then at 118,830 frames per second and ultimately at the awe-inspiring 343,915 frames per second.

The video, which they describe as their “slowest yet,” garnered more than 1 million views in its first 24 hours online.

The pair have previously used their slow motion skills to tame a fire tornado, destroy spray paint cans and shatter a CD