Slow-Mo Video Masters Kill The Holy Merciful Crap Out Of Some Spray Paint

But seriously, don't try this at home.

Banksy, it's probably best you look away now.

The Slow Mo Guys are back with a phenomenal new video in which they obliterate a bunch of cans of spray paint.

Britons Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy use a variety of objects to destroy the aerosol sprays in the clip that's now going viral.

Firstly, they use a BB gun to pierce holes in the side of a can -- leading to some pretty spectacular results:

They then use an ax:

And for the grand finale, a sledgehammer is brought into play:

The pair captured all of the colorful carnage in glorious slow motion. The video, filmed at 2,500 frames per second and posted to YouTube on Saturday, garnered more than 800,000 views in the first 12 hours.

Check it out in the clip above.

The pair have previously recorded a tongue inside a mouse trap, tamed a fire tornado and shattered a CD -- all in wonderful slow motion.