Watch These Slow-Motion Video Masters Drum Up A Paint Rainbow

A beautiful mess!

Trust The Slow Mo Guys to put some color back into our lives.

The stunning slow-motion video experts have returned, this time to drum up a mesmerizing rainbow.

Britons Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy laid down lines of powdered paints on an old war drum in their latest clip, which was posted to YouTube on Thursday. They then bashed the instrument with a percussion mallet, creating a kaleidoscopic cloud of hues.

The duo filmed the explosion of color from several different angles -- and all the results were mesmerizing. 

They then stacked different paints on top of each other before bashing the underside of the drum to create a vibration.

For their grand finale, they placed the paints on the rim of a cymbal, which they hit with a drum stick:

By Friday morning, the ultra-high definition clip -- filmed at 1,000 frames per second -- had been viewed more than 880,000 times.

The pair have previously filmed a flamethrower, recorded a tongue inside a mouse trap, tamed a fire tornado and shattered a CD -- all in slow motion.

Here they are explaining what they do, and how they do it: