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How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger Using Clever Decor Tricks

Unless you're lucky enough to have a magnificent at-home spa, chances are your bathroom could stand to be a bit bigger. If renovation isn't an option, simply call upon these decor tips.

Keep the walls and floor the same tone or value.
Anna Wolf/Domino
Stark contrasts can make a room appear smaller. Instead, use a furnishing or accessory to introduce a new color. For more design tips, check out the bathroom gallery at Domino.
Choose a clear glass shower surround.
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A textured one may offer more privacy, but it visually reads as a wall, cutting off your space.
Mirrors can help.
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They can make a space feel more expansive. Mirrors that reach from the vanity almost to the ceiling are the most effective at creating this illusion.
Go for neutral fixtures.
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Patterned and dark colored bathroom suites can overpower a room.

For more, check out the video above.

And if you're a renter that can't even paint a wall, remember this: The most important thing to know dealing with a tiny bathroom is to be ruthless about clutter. Every square space counts (even underneath your sink). Don't store piles of towels or back-up products bought in bulk. Don't crowd the counter with more than you need. The less visual clutter you can see, the roomier the space will be.

Take the doors off cabinets.
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To answer your question right off the bat: Yes, you have to be a bit more organized.
Paint horizontal stripes.
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Black and white is always stylish, but the stripe treatment can make a room seem wider.
Be selective about what you bring into your home.
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Less is more -- never underestimate the power of breathing room in a small space.
Paint a statement wall.
Photo by Dave Lauridsen for Dwell
Whether you go dark or light, this creates depth which can make a room seem more spacious. (Embracing a minimal lifestyle also helps.)
Get (very) creative with wall space.
Got dozens of shoes? Put 'em up.
Hang curtains all the way to the ceiling.
This creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.
Incorporate mirrored finishes.
They reflect light (revolutionary, we know) which makes a room seem bigger.
Use a rug to define a space.
In an open floor plan, an area rug can turn a seating arrangement into a "room."