Small Breasts Advantages: This Empty 'Breastseller' Gets It Seriously Wrong (PHOTO)

LOOK: This 'Book' Seriously Underestimates Small Breasts

When we first saw a book titled "The Advantages of Being Small-Breasted" going viral on Reddit, we got excited. When we looked a bit closer and saw that the tome was written by Dr. Hugh C. Nothing and Ann A. Kupp, and that the pages in it were actually completely blank, we were a bit less excited.

Several female Redditors echoed our sentiments: "As a small chested woman, I was briefly excited but then crushing disappointment," wrote user Barchen. "As another small chested woman I laughed then I had a sad," commented user ohhhbacon.

LOOK: The "book"

What this "breastseller" gets wrong is that, as HuffPost blogger Hallie Seegal outlined in her very popular July 2011 blog post "Letting It All Hang Out: How I Made Peace With My Small Boobs," there are some pretty awesome things about having a less-than-voluptuous chest. For example, you can go bra-free -- a luxury women with larger breasts don't have.

"It was as if I had finally opened my eyes," wrote Seegal about her decision to ditch her bras. "That was that. Since then, it's just been me and my small boobs, hanging out together. And I'm happy."

But since the "authors" of "The Advantages of Being Small-Breasted" still seem to draw a blank when it comes to the pluses of having an A or B cup, this seems like an opportunity to set the record straight yet again.

Readers who have never worn a C or above, what do you like about your breasts? What was the moment you knew their smaller size was an asset and exactly right for you? Email your story to or tweet your answer @HuffPostWomen with the hashtag #smallboobs. We'll feature your responses in a slideshow here.

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