Small Business D.R.E.A.M.S.

America is like a quilt. Each design element represents a community and each patch represents a state. When the elements of design begin to wear the patch loses strength and threatens the integrity of the entire quilt. My mission, different than my husband's Army mission, but still important, is to ensure that the integrity of our quilt is sound by strengthening America's economy and small businesses through a program I call D.R.E.A.M.S., Discovering Remote Employment for Active Military Spouses. How I intend to do that requires the support of America's small businesses along with the continued resolve of American military spouses and veterans. Let me show you the path to greater economic prosperity.

A strong economy is a growing economy with disposable income and reduced debt. How do we generate more disposable income and reduce debt for our economy to thrive? 1)Lower small business debt by hiring military spouses and veteran independent contractors to fulfill business objectives remotely and 2) Eliminate the income tax burden and institute a Fair Tax or Flat Tax to put more money to be put back into the economy.

There are nearly six million small to medium businesses in America but only half of all new businesses will last more than five years. Failure rates can be attributed to a lack of revenue, over-investment, over-expansion and inexperience. Globalization and the Internet have changed the dynamics of entrepreneurial opportunity. If small businesses embrace twenty-first century remote business practices it will revolutionize local economies because the talent pool is no longer limited by geographic location. Richard Nassimi, President and CEO of The Nassimi Group in New York, and advocate for the D.R.E.A.M.S. program, firmly believes in supporting America's military spouses and believes in the importance of hiring remote employees to obtain the best talent.

If small businesses "Hire Just One" remote military spouse or veteran as an independent contractor for project based work through D.R.E.A.M.S., it reduces employee related overhead costs, reduces debt and increases the bottom line. If small businesses hired remote independent contractors instead of employees they would have more capital to grow and expand.

Putting money back into the economy through consumer spending is easy with a Fair Tax on purchases of new goods and services or a just Flat Tax. A Fair Tax system is a reflection of our country as a consumer based economy, where a Flax Tax reflects our just society. An argument against a Fair Tax believes this tax plan encourages less spending. As if our consumer-based nation would suddenly turn into a country of hermits, living off the land. While sometimes this might sound appealing, the reality is this simply will not happen. Just think of when Apple announces a new product available for purchase. People will still continue to sleep outside and wait in line to make their new purchase. After all we have to keep up with the Jones' next door right?

What a Fair Tax or Flat Tax does on the business side is remove some financial tax burdens. Unfortunately, when government regulates, businesses pass along the cost of those regulations and overhead to the consumer in the form of a higher price for the goods or service. It has to be this way in order for a business to survive. The more burdens the higher the cost of the goods or service and the likelihood that goods won't be purchased. By removing employer tax burdens and replacing them with a Fair Tax or Flat Tax, it removes these increasing financial burdens and allows small businesses to expand and hire more workers.

These tax programs don't eliminate the IRS. Rather they shift the revenue stream. The federal government would still collect taxes.

The strength of our nation lies with local economies and local economies thrive on the success of small businesses. When those businesses fail, the surrounding economy fails. Our current economic trends can be turned around utilizing D.R.E.A.M.S. and looking to the highly skilled and dedicated workforce awaiting America's call for assistance - military spouses and veterans.

Leigh Searl
Founder & CEO
America's Career Force