Members Of HuffPost Small Business Board Of Directors Named 2011 Small Business Influencers

The 100 top Small Business Influencers of 2011 are being honored Tuesday in an awards ceremony at the New York Institute of Technology Auditorium on Broadway in New York City. These 100 award winners were chosen from a pool of 520 nominees, with more than 125,000 community voters and a panel of judges selecting the final Influencers based on the numbers of small businesses they influenced and the way and to what extent they impacted a small business.

This year's top 100 influencers include HuffPost Small Business Executive Editor Rod Kurtz, as well as four members of the HuffPost Small Business Board of Directors: Rieva Lesonsky, JJ Ramberg, Steve Strauss and Ken Yancey.

Small Business Influencer 2011 is an initiative of Small Business Trends and The organizers describe the Small Business Influencers as "a person, company or other organization that has made a meaningful and lasting impact on the North American small business market. Impact may mean providing products widely used by significant numbers of small businesses, influencing significant numbers of small businesses by being a thought leader, or providing information or services of note to significant numbers of small businesses."

For the full list of 100 Small Business Influencers of 2011, click here.