Small Business Owners And Time Management (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Importance Of Time Management (INFOGRAPHIC)

As small business owners spread themselves ever thinner -- tackling from three to six different roles, on average -- effective time management becomes harder and harder to achieve. A new study and infographic by Mavenlink, for example, shows that one in four small business owners believe each productive hour in a day is worth upwards of $500.

Other surveys have pointed to the increased burden placed on these business owners in recent years, including one by Sage Small Business that found small business owners are not only working harder than they were five years ago, they're also working longer hours. Another survey by Citibank found that owners are sacrificing their pay as well as family or vacation time, in addition to working those longer hours.

So how can small business owners make the most of their time? Take a look at the statistics and tips -- including the incorporation of online platforms and proper prioritizing -- in the Mavenlink inforgraphic below:

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