Small-But-Mighty Closet Organizers To Maximize Storage

From jewelry drawers to sweater stackers, here are space- (and sanity-) saving products your closet will thank you for.

Chances are you’ve spent the better part of the past two years in your home. And chances are you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time during those two years looking around said home with either delight or disgust, and then making changes accordingly.

Cleaning and organizing can give people a sense of control when everything seems to be spinning out ― plus to some people, it’s just plain fun. And clutter or a messy home can exacerbate existing stress and anxiety.

For instance, I was told by the ladies of The Home Edit ― and by told I mean I watched “Get Organized with The Home Edit” during the early stages of the pandemic ― to use clear boxes to store items in your closet so you can easily see what’s what. I bought a few boxes and organizing gizmos and haven’t looked back.

So if you find yourself itching for an easy home project, try out these quick closet organizers to give your space an upgrade.

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A clear jewelry drawer set
The Container Store
I have about four of these in my closet and love the simplicity of them.

Get the Modular Acrylic Linen Jewelry Drawer System starting at $27.99.
A leaning tower
This tower/hanging contraption is nice-looking enough to have even outside your closet.

Get the YAMAZAKI home Tower Leaning Ladder With Shelf White for $96.51.
Over-the-door hooks
Create space and stay organized at the same time with this over-the-door hook.

Get the Yamazaki Over the Door Hooks/Folding Hanging Coat Rack for $9.50.
A vertical bag holder
Hang your bags vertically to save space and keep organized.

Get the YAMAZAKI Chain Link Bag Holder for $25.
A lazy Susan
Because Lazy Susans aren't just for pantries anymore.

Get the Home Intuition Round Plastic Lazy Susan for $17.94.
Extendable hangers
These hanger adapters aren't called Black Magic for nothing: They'll save you major space.

Get the HOUSE DAY Black Magic Hangers for $15.99 for 10.
Clear shelf dividers
These handy dividers help you prop up handbags on shelves like a dream.

Get the CY craft Acrylic Shelf Dividers for $26.98 for four.
Wire baskets for every need
These are so versatile you can use them in any closet you own.

Get the mDesign Farmhouse Decor Metal Wire Food Organizer Storage Bin Baskets for $34.99 for two.
Handbag hangers
Make shelf space by hanging your bags.

Get a 3-pack of the CLOSETLY Handbag Hangers for $39.90.
A shoe-turned-clutch organizer
Stackable jewelry trays
The Container Store
These things are great for small earrings or bracelets you want to keep separate so they don't tangle.

Get the Clear Acrylic Small Stackable Trays starting at $7.99.
A necklace stand
The Container Store
Hang statement earrings or delicate necklaces, like you live in a chic boutique.

Get the Umbra Gold Tribeca Necklace Stand for $24.99.
A drawer organizer
The Container Store
My socks and undies have never looked so organized.

Get the 32-Compartment Drawer Organizer for $11.99.
Expandable closet shelves
The Container Store
Make your closet like a city: Add space by building up.

Get the Expandable Closet Shelf for $14.99.
Tiered jewelry storage
I love the clean lines and simple, concealing nature of this storage option from Anthropologie.

Get the Tiered Jewelry Storage for $24.
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