Small Dads Meme: Family Photos With Tiny Dads Will Crack You Up

LOOK: 'Small Dads' Meme Will Crack You Up

It's time to take your dad down to size.

That's exactly what one Reddit user will do to your family photos if you let him -- shrink your dad to a miniature size, with hilarious results.

"My newest hobby has been taking peoples family photos and shrinking their dads in half," Reddit user afdlips posted on Thursday, along with a link to photos of small dads in a variety of contexts, from weddings to safaris to whitewater rafting trips.

Afdlips, who says he's a professional photographer who learned 'smalldadding' while looking at his friends' Facebook photos, said he'll photoshop your dad in half if you send him a family photo. Judging from the Reddit thread, he's been pretty busy: "So this blew up WAY faster than I ever could have imageined," he wrote on Thursday.

Stay tuned to afdlips's Imgur page: He says there are more "small dad" photos on their way.

(Hat tip, Gawker)

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