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A Small Home For Four Has Us Reconsidering How Much Space We Really Need (PHOTOS)


Sometimes bigger really isn't better. That is certainly the case in this 540-square-foot home in Portland, OR that houses a family of four.

It helps that the tiny house, located north of Portland on Sauvie Island, was intended to be a summer home and thus has plenty of outdoor space. But still, 540 square feet is close quarters, especially when it's shared amongst four people.

The small home clocks in at one bedroom, one bathroom and one sleeping loft. The house has a very Scandinavian feel to it with an open great-room-slash-kitchen, wide-plank wood floors and lots of white paint. Built-in bookshelves provide storage and the décor is minimalist so as not to distract.

Moreover, everything in this efficient home does double duty: The sofas house storage units and act as twin guest beds and the wall in the kids' bedroom contains a pull-out closet. No need to worry about exorbitant heating bills, either. Not only is the house tiny, but the roof is insulated with local ferns and moss.

Jessica Helgerson, the owner and an interior designer, told Houzz: "Its size is definitely out of the ordinary for this area, but since we have to scale things down, we've all become more disciplined when it comes to what we consume and bring into the house."

We have to say that we are impressed. We can barely get our kids out the door for a play date without backpacks stuffed full of snacks, extra shoes, Cinderella costumes and more nonsense.

Fun fact: the house was previously a goose-checking station. We don't know what that means, but that sounds pretty awesome.

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