The Best Small Kitchen Appliances And Cooking Tools

Compact kitchen appliances, space-saving storage and multi-use cookware perfect for smaller spaces.
Make your tiny kitchen feel more spacious with this single pan that does the work of seven pieces of cookware, this all-in-one cutting board and a mini two-cup rice cooker.
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Make your tiny kitchen feel more spacious with this single pan that does the work of seven pieces of cookware, this all-in-one cutting board and a mini two-cup rice cooker.

When COVID-19 hit and restrictions supplied a steady stream of free time, I, like many people, discovered the therapeutic wonders of cooking. The only problem was, my kitchen has only one section of viable counter space and therefore a limited ability to support my 10-course meal aspirations.

I found myself getting creative by using elevated shelving units, multi-use prep surfaces and smaller kitchen appliances in order to sustain my new affinity for cooking without having to change my address.

Whether you struggle with the same small kitchen woes or just want a more neat and tidy cooking space, this list of space-conscious items can be incredibly useful. Find fan-favorite pans that do the work of eight pieces of traditional cookware, hidden storage units that slide into tight spaces, and cutting boards that fit securely over the sink to extend your counter space.

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A roll-up over-the-sink drying rack for dishes
Countertop drying racks typically take up a lot of space that you can't always spare. This roll-up stainless steel mat lays over the sink and is coated in food-grade, BPA-free silicone for a no-slip grip that prevents wet dishes from sliding around. It can also can withstand temperatures as high as 460 degrees, is completely rust-proof and is also dishwasher-safe. When it's not in use, you just roll up the mat and store it for later. The mat is available in three different sizes to accommodate a number of basins, so it's important to measure your sink prior to ordering.
An over-the-sink cutting board with a scrap tray perfect for limited counter space
This dishwasher-safe cutting board rests over unused sink space to create an extension of your countertop. The non-slip silicone edge provides stability, while a collapsible silicone strainer fits into a slot in order to catch food scraps while cutting. It can also be used as a colander for straining pastas or rinsing produce.
A cult-favorite Always pan that does the work of eight pieces of cookware
Made exclusively from non-toxic and non-stick ceramic coating, this all-purpose pan can replace eight pieces of traditional cookware and has a sleek modern design. You can do everything from braising, steaming, frying, and storing thanks to the sturdy aluminum body that provides fast, even heating as well as included accessories like the nesting steamer basket and beechwood spatula. There is also an integrated spatula rest for mess-free cooking and easy storage.
A four-piece non-toxic cookware set with a space-conserving rack
This ceramic-coated four-piece cookware set includes a fry pan, sauce pan and sauté pan as well as a full-size Dutch oven for stews and soups. Caraway takes great care to ensure that the no-stick coating is free from toxins, easy to clean and creates even heat conductivity. The set also includes a magnetic pan rack and space-saving canvas lid holder that folds over cabinet doors for easy organization in small cabinets. It’s available in seven different colors like sage green, cream and poppy red.
A magnetic wall bar to keep knives, ladles and more within reach
Bulky knife blocks have a tendency to take up precious real estate on countertops. This 24-inch magnetic wall bar can keep knives and other metal cooking utensils easily accessible without cluttering prep space. It includes mounting hardware and is constructed of Acacia wood and inlaid with powerful magnets to keep utensils firmly in place.
A hands-free over-the-sink colander strainer basket
This extendable strainer fits the specific length of your sink to rinse vegetables, thaw foods, strain pastas or even serve as an impromptu drying rack when your regular dish rack is too full. It's made with BPA-free plastic and is heat-resistant up to 212 degrees. When not in use, you can slide the strainer into a more compact and space-conscious size, unlike bulky traditional colanders.
An all-in-one cutting board with stackable trays, storage containers and a grater
This bamboo cutting board can save you the trouble of filling up your countertop with bowls of cut ingredients thanks to the built-in storage drawers. These dishwasher-safe drawers come with matching lids and can be removed for food storage while an integrated drop zone catches food scraps. The four graters can also be fitted over the drop-zone to grate veggies, cheese or garlic for convenient and mess-free food prep.
A compact two-cup rice cooker for stews, soups and more
The mini Dash rice cooker has a capacity of two cups and fits comfortably on small countertops. The non-stick inner pot is easy to clean and a stay warm function turns on automatically when cooking is finished so contents stay hot until food is served. At the touch of a button, you can quickly cook everything from rice, stews, soups, oatmeals and more.
A set of collapsible food storage containers
Made with 100% BPA-free silicone, this four-piece set of collapsible storage containers can store your leftovers and, when not in use, fold flat and stack neatly on top of each other into drawers or cupboards. These dishwasher-safe containers have matching airtight lids with steamer vents and come in a variety of sizes from large to small. They can also be frozen and microwaved.
A Cuisinart mini food processor
This compact food processor by Cuisinart has 18,700 five-star-reviews on Amazon, a three-cup-capacity and a dishwasher-safe bowl. There are two powerful processing options, grind and chop, a reversible stainless-steel blade and a recipe book for dish ideas.
A wall-mounted pot and pan rack to minimize cabinet clutter
A clever solution to overstuffed cabinets, this pot and pan rack mounts on the wall and has both top-shelf space and six underlying swivel hooks that spin 360 degrees. The natural wood shelf supports around 30 pounds and is easy to install using just a screwdriver and the included brackets.
A sliding vertical spice rack that fits in tight spaces
This slim rolling cart can hold bottles of oil, seasonings and other cooking essentials and conveniently slides into narrow gaps in your pantry or kitchen. Available in both black and white, the three-shelf tower measures 32 inches tall and has a pull-handle to easily slide the cart in and out.
A tiered corner shelf made from bamboo to add extra surface space
This three-tiered shelf adjusts to your specific kitchen space and the corner design can help maximize underutilized sections of countertops. It’s constructed of waterproof bamboo and powder-coated metal and features four utensil hooks.
A set of nesting measuring cups, mixing bowls and a colander
The space-saving design of this nesting set helps to cut down on cupboard clutter and keeps things neat. The set is made from BPA-free and dishwasher-safe plastic and includes two non-slip based mixing bowls, a colander, a full set of measuring cups and a sieve.
A tension utensil organizer that reduces countertop clutter
Using a tension system, this non-damaging and tool-free caddy elevates storage from the countertop to unused wall space. It’s completely adjustable to fit nearly any pre-existing kitchen space and features 12 hooks for hanging hand towels or utensils, a universal utensil cup attached to one side as well as two floating trays to hold cooking oils or spices.

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