11 Ways To Make A Tiny Bedroom Feel Huge

11 Ways To Make A Tiny Bedroom Feel Huge

We already know that a small space can be a great space, but that doesn't mean decorating your tiny bedroom (or guest room or loft) is easy. It's tough to fit all the basics (a bed, a desk, a closet, a hamper, AHH!) into so little square-footage.

Look at your bedroom with new eyes, though, and you'll notice a handful of hacks just begging to free up space.

1. Downsize your bed, just a little.
They may not look too different, but a queen-size bed takes up about 33 square feet, while a full is about 28. Making the switch from queen to full (they barely feel different -- we promise!) will give you a few extra inches to let your new nightstands shine. (See tip #4.)


2. Two words: Cascading hangers.
They'll make your closet look less bulky, and they show off your wardrobe options at-a-glance.

3. Get bed risers... or better yet, a risen bed.
Sleek hardwood risers will give you under-bed storage space for cheap while avoiding the dreaded dorm room look. A slightly pricier, but still affordable option (thanks, IKEA!) involves lofting your entire bed up high to make room for a desk, closet or cozy hangout space underneath.

4. Shelves = Nightstands.
Ever wonder how hotels are able to fit so much style into so little space? Well, this is one of their tricks. And this hanging version is especially easy to make.

5. Make your headboard a bookcase.
They come with all shorts of nooks and shelves, and you’ll reach no further than right behind your head for a bedtime read.

6. Go for the big statement mirror.
When it comes to magnifying small spaces, this is the oldest trick in the book.

7. Waste no wall space.
Skip the artwork -- instead hang nice scarves, hats, or other accessories on the surfaces beyond your closet.

8. Let your bed double as a desk.
You know you're gonna work from the covers anyway. So skip the big table, and install a bedside shelf for your laptop.

9. Pick a light color palette.
Light hues create the illusion of more space in a small bedroom. Punctuate them with dark accents.

10. Hang your lamp....
Not only will a pendant lamp, lantern or chandelier free up floor space, but it can easily become the super-chic focal point of your small room.

11. ...And your hamper.
They're cute, dangle from your door and make it virtually impossible to toss your clothes on the floor.

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