7 Mistakes You're Making In Your Small Room

Tiny spaces aren't bad things -- in fact, we completely adore them.

But finding room to function in such a spot is not always so adorable. The decorating rules that apply to other rooms go (literally) out the window when space is tight, and it takes major creativity to fit everything in.

Steer clear of these common mistakes, and your small room will be both cozy and functional.

1. You're thinking horizontally, not vertically.

Choose a vertical wardrobe instead of the typical horizontal dresser for your clothes, and take advantage of wall space with floating shelves. Never underestimate the power of an extra closet rod underneath your first one, either.

2. You're folding clothes instead of hanging them.

Verticality pays off most in the closet. Fit everything in with cascading hangers (or make your own with soda tabs), and hang scarves together instead of folding them. We bet you'll even have space for a shoe rod underneath it all!

3. Your furniture does only one thing.

Since when are side tables just side tables? And why do coffee tables have to be just coffee tables? Invest in double-duty furniture, like a side-table-turned-rowing machine or a headboard-turned-bookcase, and your small space will thank you.

4. Your bed is just on the ground.

Propping your bed on risers is the easiest, cheapest way to free up storage space on the floor. Or go all out and invest in a lofted frame.

5. You're choosing dark paint colors and decorations.

Light hues create the illusion of more space, as do mirrors. Accentuate with pops of bright color to keep things lively.

6. You're stuffing everything into one drawer.

It's tempting to stuff your drawers with a jumble of random items -- because shoving everything in will make the most of every spare inch, right? Not quite. Sacrifice just a few millimeters with drawer dividers, and watch your space expand.

7. You're living with clutter.

It may be obvious, but having a cluttered living space -- especially when that space is small -- can majorly stress you out. Make it a point to trash (or better yet, sell) anything you haven't used in the last three months, and watch the zen descend upon your room.

10 Decorating Tips For Small Spaces