Small Space – Smart Fold: Making Room for Your Baby’s Clothing

Small Space – Smart Fold: Making Room for Your Baby’s Clothing
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Due to the cost of living, most families are short on storage space. When expanding your family there are many things you have to do wisely and one is making room for your baby’s clothes. Or, you will be working from boxes or containers. Materials are in abundance from gift-giving and baby showers. Then when you get home it’s hard to find room to store these much-needed items.

Now, you can follow a method that I have used over the years to store clothing. As a nanny and newborn care specialist, I have worked in small spaces, especially in New York City. I have found that having the room for clothing necessities for your baby is through your folding technique. I use these methods when packing luggage for vacation and overnight hotel stays.

Since it’s springtime, it’s timely for you to also use this method for your adult clothing as you freshen up your drawers and closet space. Here are folding steps that will help make adequate room for your baby’s supplies.

Step 1: Lay out the item flat and fold in half long ways.

Step 2: Fold it long ways to save space because instead of folding it again, you are going to roll it.

Step 3: Roll the item tightly from the bottom all the way to the top. If you rolled it in half short ways you would have less space to store.

Step 4: Separate and continue doing this until all of your clean laundry is organized.

Step 5: Put matching items together to make it more convenient to grab and have on hand. Your folded laundry is now chaos free.

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