Chopsticks Of The Future Will Count Your Calorie Intake For You

The future is NOW.

While normally just a vehicle to get food from plate to mouth, chopsticks have been capable of some pretty incredible feats -- like creating a larger-than-life portrait of Jackie Chan. And in the very near future, they're being programed to do a whole lot more.

Chinese search engine Baidu is working on a technology for chopsticks, called Kuaisou, that'll enable them to test PH levels, the temperature of food and track nutritional information. They'll also be able to detect the freshness of oils, helping to prevent the use of contaminated foods like gutter oil. (Gutter oil is something that should never -- EVER -- exist, but does in Chinese and Taiwanese street food.)

Chinese chefs have recently had some bad press for using unsavory ingredients in dishes and serving them, like the previously-mentioned gutter oil. These smart chopsticks may be able to protect people from ingesting things they never intended to -- like painted food. Plus, the utensils will count your calories, too.

The chopsticks will work with an app on your smart phone, of course. They aren't available yet and pricing has yet to be disclosed, but get ready for their existence by seeing how they work in the video above.

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