Smart's Dancing Traffic Light Is The Grooviest Way For Pedestrians To Stay Safe

We've all done it while waiting for a traffic light to turn. The coast -- for a mere moment -- becomes clear. A mad dash for the other side of the street ensues.

It's not the safest move.

Well, as shown in the above video, the Smart company has invented a way to keep the would-be scofflaw pedestrians of the world safely entertained while they wait to cross the street: a dancing traffic light.

Yes, you heard right. This past summer, the firm behind the original Smart Car built a signal at an intersection in Lisbon, Portugal, and configured it so that dance moves of passersby would be mimicked in real time by the human figure in the traffic light.

The company reported that 81 percent more people stopped at the red light when it danced.

According to Mashable, the swivel-hipped traffic signal was created for an ad campaign that emphasizes the company's focus on safety. We hope transit officials everywhere are paying attention -- and ready to get down.

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