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Smart Fit Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Stay Healthy On the Road

Don't get upset if the local gym doesn't have a squat rack. Be prepared to compromise and use what's there. You'll soon get into a rhythm and you'll soon find out what works for you.
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sneakers, dumbbells and other fitness accessories
sneakers, dumbbells and other fitness accessories

Staying healthy on the road can be tough because you're the sort of business leader whom has to deal with business meetings, conferences, and Skype calls. But this is where your progress begins to suffer and things get harder to get a handle on. The fact is that staying fit on the road is something that many entrepreneurs accept is never going to happen.

But if you go out of your way to make it happen there's no reason why you can't stay fit and healthy. Two-thirds of US companies now offer wellness programs, so you usually have a variety of different wellness options available at all times. This guide is going to show you some smart fit tips for staying healthy when on the road.

Pack for Fitness

You should always have your workout clothes with you on any trip. This is not because you absolutely have to have them if you are going to have a workout, but they're crucial for stating your intent. If you have them with you, it's easy to commit to staying fit and healthy.

Make sure you pack some other compact fitness aids. One of the best fitness aids you can have with you are resistance bands. They give you the benefit of an awesome workout, while at the same time being compact enough to fit snugly in a corner of your bag.

Throw some supplements and vitamins in your bag so you have your nutritional needs covered as well.

Choosing the Right Hotel

While it's possible to workout anywhere, the right hotel can make all the difference. These days' hotels are in the fitness business because they are catering to entrepreneurs who want to stay fit on the roads by implementing gyms. A small fitness center is a big attraction, and hotel owners are realizing this.

Make sure you book a hotel that has these facilities in place. If this isn't possible, try to book a hotel that's near a local gym. You could run to the nearest gym, perform your workout, and run back again.

Creative Ways to Workout

Sometimes you're not going to have everything handed to you on a plate as a digital nomad. You will have to get creative if you are going to get an effective workout. Use the resistance bands to work your limbs and your core. Use the hotel stairwell to your advantage. Run up and down a few floors to get some cardio in. You can even just go outside and run around a few blocks; which is also a fast way to see the city.

If you want to work out in your room, use the hotel Wi-Fi to pull up some exercise videos. You'll be surprised at the number of workouts on YouTube specifically targeted at people who are in hotel rooms.

Bodyweight movements will be your best friend when you're working out on the road. Push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches will form a core part of your core-busting workout.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

A hefty travel schedule rarely allows you to get the sleep you need. The quality of sleep is important, rather than whether you manage to get the full eight hours. The quality of sleep is about replicating the effect of sleeping in pitch darkness. Instead of curling up in the chair in your hotel room before a conference, close the shades, and turn on your alarm, while also putting the "Do Not Disturb" sign outside of your door.

Disrupted sleep can make you more tired than you were before you went to sleep. Try to place an alarm on in 30-minute increments. This is how long the average sleep cycle is, according to most experts.

Conclusion -- It's Never Ideal

If you are an expert in travel, the chances are you have already managed to get yourself into a routine for working out on the road. But what you should understand is that a life of constant travel is never ideal for keeping yourself in perfect shape. The workouts you perform on the road are designed to maintain your current level of fitness. They are not designed for pushing boundaries.

Don't get upset if the local gym doesn't have a squat rack. Be prepared to compromise and use what's there. You'll soon get into a rhythm and you'll soon find out what works for you.

After all, you only have to survive a few days with fitness on the road before you're back home again.

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