'Smart Girls At The Party': Teen Girl Explains Sikhism For Amy Poehler's Web Series (WATCH)

On the latest episode of Amy Poehler's web series, "Smart Girls At The Party," a teen girl, Naveen, who practices Sikhism, explains her faith and cultural traditions.

In the video above, Naveen demonstrates the five articles of faith that together comprise the traditional outfit of a Sikh woman and gives a tour of a Sikh place of worship. She goes through the rituals of daily worship, and then chats with Amy about the cultural misconceptions she deals with on a daily basis.

"We believe in non-violence and are just really peaceful people," Naveen explains to Amy.

The U.S. Sikh population is growing, with 246 Sikh places of worship in the U.S. as of 2010. But the thousands of Sikhs living in American are no stranger to misconceptions about their faith and traditions. Many Americans harbor false ideas about the Sikh faith, falsely associating the traditional turban with terrorism. Last August, tragedy struck the Sikh community when a shooting took place at a temple in Wisconsin and seven people, including the shooter, were killed.

Naveen explains, "For Sikh men, when someone sees their turban, they automatically think they're part of a terrorist group, when in reality 99 percent of turbaned Americans are of the Sikh faith."

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