15 Smart Ways To Store Shoes In Small Spaces

Practical storage solutions that don't take up much space.
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It doesn’t matter whether you live in a one-room studio apartment or a multi-level mansion, your home could use some clever hacks for practically storing all of your footwear.

Of course, the first step to organizing your shoe collection is recycling and donating the ones you don’t wear very often in favor of a minimalist capsule collection of those you do. After the initial purge, though, you’ll still need smart solutions to store those shoes you wear routinely. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the most clever shoe storage solutions we could find. They’re perfect for small spaces, too.

Take a look below, and let us know what other clever storage solutions you’ve found for your footwear:

TRONES storage cabinet
These versatile cabinets are an easy solution for just about any storage woes. Combine as many cabinets as you like, and use the top for entryway storage that'll take up little to no space. They mount to the wall for practical space-saving storage. Get it here.
Rolling storage box for under the bed
Urban Outfitters
Simply toss a few pair of your favorite shoes into this bin, slide it under the bed, and they're easily within reach when you need them next. If you're desperate for storage, you could even slide one of these boxes under your couch. Get it here.
Mid-century modern shoe cabinet
If you're looking for a more stylish solution to shoe storage, this mid-century modern shoe cabinet stores your favorite footwear without being an eyesore. It holds up to 10 pair of shoes comfortably, is compact enough to keep in a closet, and cute enough to be a stand alone piece of entryway furniture. Get it here.
MACKAPÄR shoe organizer
A practical solution for bigger entryways, this shoe storage tower has 12 shelves that are accessible from both sides. Get it here.
Shoe closet with hooks and mirror
For super small spaces, this shoe closet combines everything a well-organized closet needs: storage, hooks and a mirror. It's functional and practical, with the ability to store 20 pair of shoes, as well as has three storage hooks for accessories. Order it here and get free shipping.
Hall shoe cabinet, for large families
This hall storage cabinet has 36 cubbies that'll each fit a pair of shoes, but it's practical enough to store items from the top down. Think hats, scarves, mail and more. Order it here and get free shipping.
STÄLL shoe cabinet
This four-compartment cabinet stores eights pairs of shoes minimum while freeing up floor space and giving you tabletop storage space. It only has front legs, so it can easily sit as close to the wall as possible, without bumping against awkward floorboards. Get it here.
Fabric shoe cubby
Container Store
This shoe organizer has 16 cubbies to store your favorite footwear. The best part? No assembly required. Get it here.
Underbed rolling shoe rack
Bed Bath and Beyond
For folks who want to keep their underbed storage more organized, this rolling shoe rack will keep your shoes organized rather than dumped into an underbed bin. Get it here.
MACKAPÄR shoe rack
Use one or several of these shoe racks to create the perfect shoe storage system for your home. It'll keep everything you need in your entryway organized so you'll always know when your essentials are when you're headed out the door. Get it here.
Entryway organizer with shoe storage
Why stop at just organizing your shoes? This entryway organizer keeps all of your essentials ready and waiting. When you're running late, you'll be thankful everything is in one well-organized space. Order it here and get free shipping.
A simple shoe rack
If you're looking for a basic yet practical solution, it doesn't get much easier than this best-selling shoe rack. Get it here.
Over-the-door hanging shoe rack
No room for a shoe rack? No problem. This best-selling hanging shoe organizer will free up floor space while keeping your favorite shoes clean and dust-free. Get it here.
Mudroom bench
This storage bench will give you extra storage and extra seating, without taking up too much space. Order it here and get free shipping.
Closet shoe organizer
Perhaps one of the most inexpensive ways to store your shoes is with a closet shoe organizer. It'll store at least 8 pair of shoes, and free up your floor space, too. Get it here.

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