Smart Ways To Stay Healthy And Productive For Your Business

Being fit is simply excellent. You can wear that flattering jeans, hike up Kilimanjaro and look like a Halle Berry or Hugh Jackman in suits. Keeping fit is a bonus and it keeps you feeling better, healthy and happy to take on work challenges and life's stressful demands. The probability of suffering from medical challenges is narrowed down.
And the journey never ends at being fit. It's a continuous process to becoming fitter. However, it is important to note that to maintain your fitness, you need to sustain your exercise and lifestyle routines.
There are several helpful tips, combined with dedication, discipline and hard work, to keep fit, healthy and stay productive. Ask the top fit CEOs, they don't take this lightly at all.

Just Blend
This is a very smart tip for consuming foods that you probably don't like the taste of, especially for early mornings. Maybe mint leaves and garlic. It's easier to take them in as blended smoothies alongside a healthy snack or two. It also saves you time. You can mix anything in a blender from fibre-rich vegetables and fruits to protein-rich foods like yogurt, nuts and seeds. You pick!

Cook yourself
True, being a CEO may not afford you the luxury of time to cook yourself but fix your eyes on the benefits. When you can, it's best to cook your meals at home. Homemade foods and most likely cheaper! You can cook in large portions and store in a freezer r get a help to d so. This would save you time, money and in turn your health.

Check Yourself
Don't wait till you're feeling some pain in your lower abdomen or a tingling sound in your ears before you check yourself. Frequent healthy checks are quite encouraged not just for yourself but for the longevity of your business. If you feel a little dull in your eye vision, get checked; if you feel a discomfort in your hearing, get hearing aids. Important thing to note is that checking yourself frequently should be a lifestyle.

Make exercises fun
Do exercises that you love. If you're more or less forced into a routine you don't enjoy, you would sooner or later abandon ship. Explore different exercise programmes and discover what suits you best. There are loads of programmes you can consider choosing from like martial arts, kickboxing, yoga, jumping rope etc. You may not love gym workouts, but there are several workout routines online you can try at home or in the office gym. Also, build a sound foundation as this would allow you prepare for higher level workouts that you would most likely progress to.

Grow in your workout routines
Do more. So many people wonder why they aren't getting more results or being fatigued at work despite religiously sticking to their work out schedules. However, they fail to realize that their body is already used to those routines, so basically, they have adapted to them. So if you want better results, you should increase the demands of your routine.

There are many ways you can do this. However, steady progress is key.

Try new things

I don't mean you should go buy that "magic weight loss" pill that has been popping up on your browser every few minutes. However, be open to trying new things, especially when it has to do with your lifestyle, exercise and eating habits. Repetition can be boring and one day, you may just up and leave the fit-fam train in search of something new. That is why you are encouraged to try something new within your routine. Don't feel constricted to only eating apples for after work or jump-rope for your pos work routine. Switch things up. Look for alternatives. Try cycling or the treadmill instead of walking miles every morning. Eat chicken salads instead of the empty cabbage and lettuce. You've been wanting a six pack banging bod? Try legal steroids! Be sure to read reviews and carefully research before you indulge.

If you want real results, you have to plan ahead and build a realistic and attainable, smart fitness plan. This 2017, choose to stay fit whether you're a business owner or employee.