Smartie The Seal Ends Up On Car Dashboard (VIDEO)

A Scottish seal is getting the seal of approval for the clever way it handled itself during a recent storm.

The six-month old pup was found wandering around a car park at a ferry terminal near the town of Cairnryan.

Terminal officials tried to push the seal back into the water, but she wouldn't budge so a staff member placed him in a car trunk and called animal rescuers from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, according to the Daily Mail.

But that didn't stop the seal, according to SSPCA official Alistair Hill.

"The seal managed to escape from the boot by pushing down one of the rear seats and wriggling up onto the dashboard," Hill told HuffPost UK, adding that the seal ended up watching a storm out the windscreen of the car" while sitting on a "warm, dry spot on the dash."

It turned out to be a smart thing for Smartie.

Rescuers who examined the Grey seal pup confirmed that Smartie was infected with worms, reported.

"It's probably due to her illness that she didn't want to go back into the water and why she appeared to be friendly when approached," Kaniz Hayat, a wildlife assistant for the SSPCA, told the website.

Smartie was taken to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre, and officials hope to return her to the wild in the near future, Geobeats reported.

CORRECTION: An earlier version listed the age of the seal as both 6 months and 7 weeks old. It is 6 months old.



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