Smartphone apps from, useful stuff!

Smartphone apps from, useful stuff!
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Okay, the deal is that the Obama Administration is serious about making government work, providing good return for taxpayer dollars, and providing good customer service.

Today, they're providing additional useful tools for the site.

The following might be the big part, they're serious:

change is part of the Administration's commitment to making government more open and
responsive to the wants and needs of the public.

As part of this effort, OMB is working to close the significant IT gap that has developed over
the past decade and a half between the public and private sectors, contributing to the
productivity divide between the two.

This includes:

  • An app for quick access to nutrition information for over 1,000 foods;
  • An app that provides around-the-clock access to frequently-requested airline information from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) including wait times at airport security lines;
  • An app for checking the UV Index and air quality ratings from anywhere in the world;
  • And an app that provides instant information on consumer safety recalls of toys, food, and more.
The apps currently available on
are free and most are compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices.
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