Former NASA Engineer Uses iPhones, Androids To Make Extra Creepy Halloween Costumes

A creative former NASA engineer has taken Halloween to the next level.

Mark Rober, the man whose iPad "hole in the chest" costume (above) went viral a few years ago, has quit his job as a NASA engineer and devoted himself full-time to making costumes that use smartphones and tablets. To create his original designs, Rober teamed up with Gregor Lawson of MorphCostumes -- the retailer of the full-body spandex suits you may have seen college kids wearing at sports games.

"Our businesses were a perfect fit. Mark had this amazing patented technology and an approach to innovation that only an ex-NASA scientist can have," Lawson wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

Rober's company, Digital Dudz, sells T-shirts, body suits and masks that have a Velcro pouch for a smartphone inside. If you buy one, you can download a free Android or iPhone app that turns the shirts and masks into animated scenes. We're talking beating hearts and moving eyes.

Digital Dudz shirts cost $25 to $30, and masks cost $45 to $60. Other options, like sweaters and bodysuits, are in the $50 range. Here are a few of our favorite costumes for this year:

Our Favorite Digital Dudz Costumes