Cheating? Don't Do It On This High-Tech Mattress

Memory foam has nothing on this.

Beware, you cheats between the sheets.

A new high-tech mattress detects hanky-panky and informs the owner via a mobile app.

Reacting to a report that Spain has a high rate of infidelity, a Spanish mattress firm didn't take the news lying down, the Local in Spain reports.

Durmet developed the Smarttress and its "Lover Detection System." Twenty-four ultrasonic sensors measure "suspicious movement" in the bed, transmitting data of the tryst, including a 3D mattress model to show where most of the exertion is taking place.

The company's promotional video (above) also produced one heckuva tagline: "If your partner isn't faithful, at least your mattress is."

A company rep told re/code that the product is real, that it has received several inquiries and that the $1,750 mattress is still in the production process.

Some YouTube watchers aren't impressed, echoing our reservations about such a gizmo:

You don't need a bed to cheat. As long as you're having over-the-top trust issues, why not rig a hidden video camera instead?

But if you want to take the next step in affair-detection, we like this YouTube user's recommendation:

"Add a remote controlled taser."

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