'Smash': 'Bombshell' Finally Opens On Broadway, Karen And Ivy Bury The Hatchet (VIDEO)

After almost two full seasons of "Smash," the Marilyn Monroe musical within-the-show, "Bombshell," finally opened on Broadway with a very nervous Ivy in the lead role. Vulture, for one, couldn't believe it, saying that we'd been waiting "forever."

Even Ivy's former nemesis, Karen, reluctantly agreed to go when the entire production of her own project, "Hitlist," got an invitation.

The "Bombshell" premiere was a chance for Derek to see how Tom did in taking over as director, and it was a chance for the two leading ladies to finally bury the hatchet. Ivy was genuinely grateful to Karen -- after all, it was Karen quitting "Bombshell" that gave Tom the idea of bringing Ivy back in. She even thanked her publicly at the after-party, and then lured her in for a duet performance in front of anyone.

Entertainment Weekly thought the duet was thrilling, and loved watching the former frenemies make nice. "Aww -- what is this strange, warm feeling in my chest? Could it be... happiness?" EW's Hillary Busis wondered.

But the happiness may be short-lived: Ivy cracked a joke to Karen that she shouldn't bring "Hitlist" to Broadway this season because they would compete for Tonys, but that's apparently exactly what Derek and Scott are planning.

"Smash" moves back to its Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET timeslot starting this week on NBC.

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