'Smash' Cast And Producers Preview Their New Show (PHOTOS)

"Smash" is poised to be just that: A hit for NBC, all about the making of a Marilyn Monroe Broadway musical. With two very different, very talented actresses vying for the part of Marilyn -- played by "American Idol" runner-up Katharine McPhee and Broadway diva Megan Hilty -- it's anyone's role. And from what the cast and producers told me, nothing is ever final in the theater ...

I caught up with the cast to hear more about their characters, and to find out if the actors who are not playing actors on the show might still be seen singing and dancing sometime soon. (Debra Messing and Anjelica Huston might not be known for their voices, but that doesn't mean there aren't already plans to get them belting out show tunes.) They also teased a bit more about big guest stars like Bernadette Peters, Nick Jonas and Thurman; what's to come, including reactions to the big decision about who'll play Marilyn; and why that decision isn't necessarily set in stone.

Click through this gallery to get a glimpse at the new show, and keep checking back with HuffPost TV for a lot more "Smash" scoop in the coming weeks.

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