Smash Mouth Slams MLB All-Star Bryce Harper And Twitter Users Dunk Hard

Many fans were confused that the band famous for get-paid hit "All-Star" is picking on the Philadelphia Phillies superstar for his paycheck.

Baseball superstar Bryce Harper is off to a rough start in his debut season with the Philadelphia Phillies after hometown fans booed him this week for unspectacular performance.

To add insult to injury: Harper is getting slammed by the ’90s California rock band Smash Mouth.

Earlier this year, the band that gave the world the song “All Star” lobbied real-life All-Star Harper to sign with their beloved San Francisco Giants, according to NBC Sports.

Instead, Harper signed a $330 million contract with Philadephia.

Smash Mouth called him out for taking a job for money.

When one journalist suggested that maybe famously grumpy Philly fans had a point and Harper deserved to be booed, the band doubled down.

For the record, Harper understands why fans are frustrated. “I’d do the same thing,” he told reporters.

Smash Mouth’s slam of Harper may have temporarily boosted the band’s pop culture profile, but it had unintended consequences.

Since a whole generation has adopted the chorus of “All Star” (Hey now, you’re an all-star/ get your game on, go play/ Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid) as a personal philosophy, some people on Twitter felt betrayed by Smash Mouth’s sudden criticism of Harper’s paycheck:

Others on Twitter suspected the Smash Mouth tweet was hiding a bigger story:

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