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'Smash' Season 2: Ellis, Dev Characters Leaving The Show


A source close to the series confirmed to The Huffington Post that both characters could appear in Season 2 to wrap-up their storylines.

UPDATE: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brian d'Arcy James and Will Chase are also leaving the series. Chase played Michael Swift, the leading man of the show's fictional musical and one-time lover to Debra Messing's Julia. James played Frank, Julia's husband.

Season 1 of "Smash" ended with Eileen (Anjelica Huston) firing Ellis before Karen Cartwright (Katharine McPhee) took the stage as Marilyn Monroe in the Boston previews of the fictional musical "Bombshell."

Meanwhile, Karen learned of Dev's affair with Ivy (Megan Hilty) ... just episode after he proposed to Karen. While Karen was belting out "Don't Forget Me" to a packed house, her old rival Ivy was seen with quite a few pills in hand.

But rest assured Team Ivy fans, she'll be back.

"Well, I'm here," Hilty told The Huffington Post with a laugh on the red carpet at NBC's upfront presentation in May 2012. NBC has scheduled "Smash" Season 2 for a midseason debut.

The new season will be overseen by former "Gossip Girl" executive producer Josh Safran and the stars are already hoping -- and know -- of some changes.

"I want to see Ivy kind of get it together a little bit and have something she can really celebrate and not feel threatened by anything," Hilty said. "I would also like to see her have a nice boyfriend, one who's like really nice to her."

Christian Borle, who plays Tom on "Smash," said his character will have a bit more fun with Julia (Debra Messing). "You'll get to see more of the behind the scenes parts of what it takes to write a musical. People want a little bit more of that."

In April 2012, TVLine asked Cepero about Season 2 and the possibility of his character Ellis meeting a bitter end. But, at the time, the actor seemed confident of Ellis' return for more slithering around in Season 2.

"Nothing’s set in stone, but I’ve gotten a pretty generous rundown of what’s happening with my character in Season 2, and you can definitely look out for him a lot, doing some more [sneaky things]. I’m probably going to be even more hated," Cepero said.

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