Smashing Pumpkins Stage Clothes Stolen Tweets Billy Corgan

Bad news for Smashing Pumpkins fans: According to lead singer Billy Corgan, the band's stage clothes were stolen following a Wednesday night show in Mexico.

As one fan immediately wondered, "NOT THE ZERO SHIRT!! Tell me not the zero shirt."

Corgan wore that famed Zero shirt throughout the band's 1996 concerts. As reported by Feelnumb.com, the shirt was actually a product of Zero Skateboards. The company stopped producing Corgan's favorite clothing item just around the time the singer started wearing it on stage, making the shirt quite rare. Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins purchased the rights to the logo soon after, and began selling their own variation soon after.

In 2011, Corgan auctioned off one of the four original Zero shirts to raise money for survivors of the Japanese earthquake.

For more on the origin of Corgan's Zero shirt, head over to FeelNumb.com. It's unclear just which items of clothing were taking from Corgan and his Smashing Pumpkins bandmates.

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