Smile: Dean Fleischer-Camp Plays An iPhone Prank On His Friends (VIDEO)

WATCH: Best Cell Phone Prank Ever

Dean Fleischer-Camp is one half of the brains behind "Marcel the Shell" (along with "SNL" alum and fiancee Jenny Slate), so he's no stranger to viral video.

Like Marcel, his latest concept is incredibly straightforward and charmingly goofy: he asks friends to pose for pictures and then records video of them instead.

The result is a solid two and a half minutes of people holding their facial expressions and patiently waiting to hear the camera sound come from Fleischer-Camp's phone. Of course, they never hear it.

Slate ends up bearing the brunt of the prank, but she's a remarkably good sport about the whole thing.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Zach Galifianakis posing with one very embarrassed dog in a cone.

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