This Nostalgic Symbol Is Here To Boost Your January Morale

Spread a little joy during the dreariest month of the year.

According to a 2023 YouGov poll, January is Americans’ least favorite month. It’s easy to see why. We no longer have the holidays to look forward to (and the days off that come with it), and, in many parts of the country, it’s really freakin’ cold. At a full 31 days long, the month seems to last forever too. This time of year, we could use a collective morale boost.

The iconic smiley face design (you know the one: simple black eyes and mouth on a yellow background) has a long history of boosting morale. According to Smithsonian magazine, It was designed by late commercial artist Harvey Ross Ball in 1963 to cheer up employees working at an insurance. Then, in the ’70s, two brothers who owned a Hallmark store started using the image, adding the slogan “Have a happy day” to it.

The smiley face is still ubiquitous today. If you could use your own winter morale boost, gift yourself one of these joy-inducing items that we found at Walmart. Not only will it cheer you up, it will make everyone who sees it smile too.

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Smiley face slippers
It’s pretty hard to feel like smiling when your feet are freezing. These fuzzy slippers will help you radiate warmth from the inside out.
Smiley button-up sweater
Throwing on this sweater instantly brightens up a gray day. Choose from four different colors.
Nirvana smiley tee
A version of this iconic visage even ended up on the cover of Nirvana’s ‘91 “Nevermind” album. Now, it’s plastered on this tee, which is perfect for adding a little grunge to your wardrobe.
Smiley neon sign
Adding a smiley face neon sign to your room is a whole vibe — whether your place is the designated hang-out spot or a sacred sanctuary for you and you alone.
Smiley rug
With your feet hitting this super soft rug every morning, you’ll always wake up on the right side of the bed.
Smiley mug
If your idea of happiness is a hot cup of coffee or tea, add this mug to your collection. It’s hard to have a case of the Mondays seeing this face next to your computer.
Smiley watch
“Time to smile” jokes aside, this watch adds a cheery touch to any outfit.
Smiley makeup bag
If you’re pulling out your makeup, there’s a good chance you’re about to go somewhere fun — which is definitely something to smile about. This bag is small enough to stash in a backpack or tote, so you can bring it anywhere you need to go.
Smiley nature tee
If nature is your happy place, this tee has your name on it. It’s unisex and sizes range from small to 3XL.
Smiley spatula
If you’re using this spatula to flip some pancakes, you’re already having a pretty good day. Or, use it to cook up some eggs — sunny side up!

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