Summer's Eve Ad Wants To Help You Find Your V For Valentine's Day

This May Be The Worst Valentine's Day Ad We've Ever Seen

Ever feel like something is missing?

If it's mid-February, and you haven't douched, it's probably your vagina.


Or so claims Summer's Eve, no stranger to bizarre, vaguely sexist advertising gimmicks, in this print ad. "Happy alentine's day"? It's kind of like an ASPCA ad for your vagina. Better get help before it's too late!

Presumably, what the ad is trying to say is: "Don't forget to tend to your vagina so it is of utmost appeal on the 14th day of February." What it really says is: "This is our ill-advised attempt to peg our product to a commercially promising holiday, while also reminding you that you are just consistently gross."

"Show your V some love," the ad demands, promising to "keep you fresh" from "morning shower to your evening plans." On behalf of those of us whose "evening plans" include Chardonnay on the couch with friends, I think we'll fare alright without. And ladies who will be getting down? Hopefully you already realize that you do not need Summer's Eve products to enhance your sex appeal.

Sorry Summer's Eve, but we think we'll [v]eto needless [v]agina products this [V]alentine's day. Maybe try in Men's Health on Palentine's Day.

(h/t Jezebel)

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