Smoke and Mirrors: Behind the scenes of Student Filmmaking

When my classmates ask for my advice on writing, I tell them first and foremost, write the movies you want to see. My personal favorite films are stoner comedies and ghost movies and so I just had to create Weedji.

The concept of Weedji started with what if would happen if you played a Ouija board stoned which as with every other ouija board movie, breaks the rules. Inspired by "Ouija", written and directed by Stiles White, Weedji is about a young girl losing her best friend when she finds a Ouija board with a message. And thus mistakes are made and evil is released.

Weedji is about accepting death as a part of life in a goofy, it's so bad it's almost good way.

This was my first time directing and boy was it a challenge, trust me nobody hates this film more I do.

Please check out this short behind the scenes documentary: