Man Emerges From NYC Subway Grate To Attack Restaurant With Smoke Bomb

A man emerged from a subway grate in New York City and attacked a restaurant with a smoke bomb on Friday night, police said.

According to ABC7, the man was wearing an American flag T-shirt when he attacked Bar Pitti, a trendy West Village spot. The bomb landed in the restaurant's outdoor dining area, but an employee was able to grab it and throw it back to the sidewalk. No injuries were reported.

After throwing the bomb, the suspect quickly disappeared back into the subway grate, CBS New York reported. As of Saturday morning, no arrests had been made.

“I saw him come out," the manager of the restaurant next door told the New York Post. "It was like Ninja Turtles."

As Gothamist points out, actress Rose McGowan had been eating at the restaurant.

"Someone just threw two red smoke bombs into the restaurant I was eating in," she tweeted. "Eyes are burning. #NYCWHAT"

Here's a photo of the aftermath of the incident, courtesy of NBC New York.

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