Smoking Baby On YouTube Sparks Custody Dispute (VIDEO)

A Romanian dad is demanding custody of his two-year-old daughter after his ex-wife taught the tot to smoke cigarettes, reports UK-based publication Orange News.

The toddler's father, Gabriel Burulea, claims his ex posted a video of their child smoking cigarettes on YouTube. The couple split a year ago and full custody was awarded to the mother, Elena Ursu.

"She wants to taunt me by showing me how she is treating our child, but I hope it will backfire and be what I need to win custody. Our daughter doesn't want milk -- just coffee -- and instead of sweets she wants cigarettes. It's terrible," Burulea said.

Conflicting reports differ on the current status of Burulea's custody request and Ursu's age. It's unclear why Ursu would do this, but one thing is for sure -- if Burulea is to be believed, his ex definitely took things too far.


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