Smoking Cage: Ibrahim Yucel, Turkish Man, Locks Head In Cage All Day In Attempt To Quit (VIDEO)

Man Cages His Head To Quit Smoking

When you make a promise to your god, your late father, and your wife to quit smoking, you should actually quit this time.

Turkish man Ibrahim Yucel wanted to keep his promise so badly that he crafted a medieval-style cage to wear on his head so he couldn't smoke. Every morning, he locks his head in the cage and gives the key to his wife so he won't give in to his addiction at work.

The 42-year-old from Kutahya says on a YouTube video posted July 2 that he's been trying to quit since his father died of lung cancer. He's been smoking two packs a day for more than 20 years.

But he failed time and time again in his attempts to kick the habit, according to the International Business Times. He came up with the idea to cage his head after he saw a motorcycle helmet, and used more than 130 feet of copper wire to fashion the contraption.

In the video (above) Yucel swears an oath to his family, Allah and the Qur'an to quit smoking. His wife says she was initially embarrassed by the idea, but now supports him because he's serious about the project.

Yucel can breathe and see, but he can't get his hands anywhere near his head, the New York Daily News reports. He is also able to eat crackers and sip water through the wires.

Have YOU ever tried a weird method to quit smoking? Discuss in the comments below.

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