It Is Legal To Smoke Marijuana On Your Front Porch In Denver

The Denver City Council overwhelmingly voted to allow adults to smoke marijuana on their front porches and private property -- even if the pot smoking is in clear public view.

In a resounding 10-3 final vote Monday evening, City Council finally approved the measure eliminating a controversial front-yard pot smoking ban introduced in November, which previously appeared poised to pass with a 7-5 vote.

"Fortunately, common sense ultimately prevailed," said Mason Tvert, communications director of Marijuana Policy Project and key backer of Colorado's marijuana legalizing Amendment 64, to The Huffington Post. "If adults are able to consume alcohol -- and even smoke cigarettes -- outside on their private property, there's no logical reason why they should be prohibited from using a less harmful substance."

"City officials need to move on and focus their time and attention on getting the necessary regulations in place to ensure these businesses are able to open on January 1," Tvert added. "There is no need for further proposals designed to prevent adults from being able to use marijuana responsibly."

For weeks, officials has been trying to come up with an ordinance that defines "open" and "public" consumption of marijuana in Mile High City after an overreaching first draft of the law called for the smell of marijuana, or even just the sight of someone smoking marijuana, to be illegal if it can be smelled or seen by others.

“I just don’t think it should be wrong for someone to smoke on their own private property,” Councilman Paul D. Lopez said to KDVR.

Debbie Ortega, Chris Herndon and Jeanne Faatz were the only members who voted to keep the front porch pot ban in place.

Looks like the Nasal Ranger smelloscope will get some rest in 2014.

Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 last year, making the limited sale, possession and growing of marijuana for recreational purposes legal for adults 21 and over. Adults can possess up to an ounce of pot and grow as many as 12 marijuana plants in their homes, but that home-grown marijuana can only be for personal use and cannot be sold. However, adults can gift one another up to an ounce of pot.



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