Smurf Town Residents Vote To Keep Houses Blue

Residents of Juzcar, Spain have chosen to keep their houses painted blue after the Smurf theme boosted tourism.

Juzcar, near Malaga in Southern Spain, became the world's first Smurf Village in anticipation of "The Smurfs 3D" movie last summer. In a vote of 141 to 33, villagers voted Sunday to remain the world's only Smurf Village.

The blue hue was applied to Juzcar after Sony chose it to host the world premiere of the film.

An extra 80,000 visitors have been drawn to the blue town over the past six months, while only 300 tourists would visit annually before the paint job, The Daily Mail reports.

‘It's given a boost to the local economy, it's increased our happiness, our dreams and our levels of employment," Mayor David Fernandez Tirado told the paper.

Spain's Smurf Town