Smurfette: Halloween Makeup How-To

Stylelist Associate Editor Sarah St. Lifer, before and after, her Smurfette Halloween makeup transformation. Photos: Bobby Doherty for AOL

When "The Smurfs" wandered out of their mushroom-filled village onto the silver screen this summer, I'd never imagined that they'd spark a blue revolution. But then again, Harper's Bazaar's August Smurfette accessories editorial and Katy Perry's sexed-up style tribute to the small diva at the film's premiere, should have been obvious clues.

Eager to turn blue, we challenged MAC Senior Artist Keri Blair (@MAC_Keri_B) to transform Stylelist Associate Editor, Sarah St. Lifer, into a real-life version of the fictional character.

Click through the slideshow below for Blair's step-by-step instructions on how-to recreate Smurfette's makeup look this Halloween.

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Photos: Bobby Doherty for AOL

Smurfette: Halloween Makeup How-To