'The Snacking Dead' Book Trailer Features Homemade Pizza, Zombies (VIDEO)

This has got to be the weirdest book trailer we've ever seen. But what else would you expect from a cookbook titled The Snacking Dead. A parody of the TV show "The Walking Dead," this new cookbook comes out Oct. 22. It's written by D. B. Walker (a pseudonym), who's also the author behind 50 Shades Of Chicken.

Worried about a possible apocalyptic disaster? The Snacking Dead has you covered with recipes that'll help you out. For example, when the zombies are coming, you'll probably want to have squirrel poppers on hand. Newly dead? Try out the nail-biter chicken fingers.

As the video above demonstrates, there are kitchen tools that can be used for both delicious recipes and fending off killer zombies. Take the pizza shovel, for example. It's certainly handy when using a pizza oven, but also when you need to thwack a blood-thirsty zombie through the skull. Just aim right above the zombie's nose with the shovel, and you should be able to kill any attackers that try to disturb your meal. Hope you don't mind a little blood on the cheese, though.




Foods To Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse