Chloë Grace Moretz And Michelle Obama Give 'The Hunger Games' New Meaning

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unless you're Chloë Grace Moretz.

In Funny Or Die's new parody of dystopian films, the actress finds herself on the receiving end of some strange advice from a medical professional while the rest her classmates gorge themselves on junk food. She's accidentally stumbled into the "snackpocalypse," where carrots are seen as threats, and the words "healthy eating habits" are verboten.

Although the fake trailer closely mirrors the plot of "Divergent," it also tips its hat to "The Hunger Games." First Lady and healthy eating advocate Michelle Obama even makes an appearance.

Give the star-studded parody a watch, above.



  • Because FLOTUS can move...
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  • and she can get others moving.
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  • Because it's hard not to like a Salsa dancer...
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  • especially if they're dancing with Mario López.
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  • Because anyone can join in...
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  • and steal the First Lady's spotlight.
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  • Because not everyone can look this good in a Zumba class.
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  • Because this face says it all.
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  • Because it's just plain FUN!
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