Snake Slithers Onto Windshield (VIDEO)


Maybe they could just call this "Snake On A Windshield"?

What would make many drivers lose control of their car seems to have had no effect on one Memphis family.

A snake crawled out of their vehicle's engine and onto the windshield as they were driving down a highway. The scaly creature held on for dear life while the family documented the event.

Based on their YouTube video's caption, they seemed relatively calm about the whole thing:

"We were driving 65 mph down a highway when my husband caught something out of the corner of this eye...a snakehead coming out from under our hood onto our windshield! Watch what happens after that...."

According to Memphis' WBTV, the snake eventually ran out of luck.

The driver said, "There was nothing to grab on to so it tried to crawl down the side of my door and fell off."

This isn't the first time a snake has caught people off-guard. Earlier this year, an escaped three-foot-long boa constrictor was found on a Boston subway car.

WATCH the snake on the windshield:

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