Couple Finds Hungry Snake Devouring An Egg On Their Kitchen Counter

Forget about boots and planes, you should really be worried about snakes in your eggs.

Laura Neff recorded a video of a 4-foot snake that managed to find its way into her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sunday.

"It was a run of the mill Sunday afternoon here on our little farmette, until a noise in the kitchen made us look up ... at the spice cabinet ... where THIS was descending toward a basket of fresh eggs on the counter," Neff wrote in a description of the video.

The black creature turned out to be a non-venemous rat snake, one of the most common reptiles in North Carolina. They're strong constrictors that usually eat rodents and birds, and sometimes, as seen in the video, eggs.

Neff said she and her partner let the hungry slitherer finish off its meal before removing it from their home using two brooms to nudge it out an open window.

"And then we drank," she wrote.



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