Snake On A Plane! Reptile Slithers Out Of Ceiling Causing Mid-Flight Fright

Everybody strap in! 🐍

This was no scene from a Hollywood movie.

A slithery snake briefly sparked panic on an Aeromexico flight bound for Mexico City when it started crawling out of the overhead bins in a horrifying nod to the thriller “Snakes on a Plane.”

Video posted to Twitter Sunday captured the wriggling green reptile precariously hanging between the plane’s ceiling and wall before nearly dropping down to join its passengers.

A second video posted to YouTube appears to show the same reptilian stowaway stretching down toward the already cleared seats as passengers watch from a distance.

The airline said the flight, which originated in Torreon, was given priority landing in Mexico City, where workers “secured the reptile,” according to a statement obtained by The Associated Press.

An investigation into how the snake got onboard the plane is reportedly underway.

Now where’s Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?